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    Author:  Esha

    Hi! Okay, I know this might sound weird but I’ve noticed I get depressed every time I spend time on Facebook. My friends look so happy, they have a great job, they are in a happy relationship, they are getting married, they are on vacation, etc, etc. At first I thought it to be a mere coincidence. But this has been a repeated pattern with me. Is this normal, is my mental health getting affected? Does anyone else face this problem too?

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  • Profile gravatar of Maya
    Author:  Maya

    It’s because you feel your social life isn’t as awesome as theirs. But they maybe feeling the same about your life too.

  • Profile gravatar of Pallav
    Author:  Pallav

    Hi, this is quite normal. Facebook, or even other social media platforms create depression in people who compare their lives to others. Feeling envious by seeing pictures of old friends on a luxurious holiday is a common thing many people go through, including, honestly, me. So don’t worry about it, it’s just a mind game.

  • Profile gravatar of Bhavesh
    Author:  Bhavesh

    the more you use facebook, the more miserable you get. I know of a study that found out that the more young adults use Facebook, the more their life satisfaction levels decline in time. Going by your question, I’m sure you belong in the same age category. Please beware of overusing social media, that’s my only advice to you.

  • Profile gravatar of Ajit
    Author:  Ajit

    Yeah happns all da tym 2 me 2.


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