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    Author:  Vishal

    I used to feel down and depressed quite often and started taking medication to help with the depression. Feel better but I have been on the medicine for some time, is it possible that anti – depressants will cause other side effects? If so then what are the side-effects of anti-depressants that I should be looking for?

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  • Profile gravatar of Akash
    Author:  Akash

    Depression is a common issue among people of all ages. I know a lot of people who at some point or the other in their lives claimed to be depressed. The problem is to identify whether you are really depressed or if it’s just a phase where you may have been feeling low.

  • Profile gravatar of Akki
    Author:  Akki

    Sometimes all you need is a good talk and you’ll feel lighter. Don’t always decide to have medicines.

  • Profile gravatar of Poonam
    Author:  Poonam

    Anti depressants work by altering the balance of certain chemicals in the brain. You may face: blurred vision, constipation, irritability, agitation, loss of sexual desire, dry mouth, weight gain, insomnia, dizziness, anxiety, nausea, diarrhoea, weird dreams etc.

  • Profile gravatar of Mikesh
    Author:  Mikesh

    A doctor is the best person to assess this but if you are taking medication for depression then obviously it must be doctor prescribed. Anti depressants like all other medications have their set of side effects and different people experience different symptoms from the medication. Broadly you should look for signs such as nausea, increased apetite, weight gain, anxiety, dry mouth, insomnia, dizziness etc.

  • Profile gravatar of VincentPhillip
    Author:  VincentPhillip

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Vincent. I had severe depression a year ago. Its because of my over weight. Instead taking anti depressant, i started diet. And i lost 27kgs in 9 months by following this hcg diet : http://hcgdropsratings.com/complete-guide-hcg-diet/

    Always try to find solution from root.


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