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  • Profile gravatar of Harish
    Author:  Harish

    Lately ive been finding it difficult to get any sleep. can someone help me find a solution?

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  • Profile gravatar of Alex
    Author:  Alex

    personally this worked for me and u can try it as well: turn off all your gadgets an hour before going to bed because apparently there is a blue light from your gadgets that ruins ur sleep.

  • Profile gravatar of Alan
    Author:  Alan

    Avoid coffee, tea, chocolate, cola, for four to six hours before bedtime.

  • Profile gravatar of Avi
    Author:  Avi

    Try meditating before sleeping.

  • Profile gravatar of anuj
    Author:  anuj

    Good sleep is very important. Is your mattress good? It should suit your back profile. Try orthopedic mattresses if you have any issues such as back pain etc.

  • Profile gravatar of Himanshi
    Author:  Himanshi

    This summer is the problem, keep the room cool and silent enough to induce sleep.

  • Profile gravatar of Ashok Reddy
    Author:  Ashok Reddy

    keep ur phone in silent, have workouts i.e walking, playing shuttle etc. something which makes ur body sweat at least for an hour. finish ur work by 9pm in the night. go to sleep. thats it

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  • Profile gravatar of Neesha
    Author:  Neesha

    The quality of sleep you get depends heavily on your state of mind. If you allow your body and mind enough time to wind down each night– this means limiting your use of devices such as cellphones/ tablets/ television etc at least an hour before going to bed. Dim your lights and allow your body to teach a state of calm before falling asleep. Happy zzzz 🙂

  • Profile gravatar of keyur abc
    Author:  keyur abc

    I stop eating at least 2 hours before going to bed. When I sleep on a overfilled stomach I experience bad dreams.

  • Profile gravatar of Muskaan
    Author:  Muskaan

    Hi! Coming from an insomniac, I know how valuable quality sleep is. After I invested in earplugs and a sleeping mask, I started sleeping much better

  • Profile gravatar of LavikaS
    Author:  LavikaS

    Even I was suffering from the same but Yoga helped me overcome it.

    You can go for Yoga! That really works. I’ve been doing that for a while now.

  • Profile gravatar of RobertoAguilar
    Author:  RobertoAguilar

    Proper sleep is important for any individual to stay fit and fresh. In order to get better sleep, One can create a calm and restful sleep environment, Don’t go to bed either hungry or stuffed, be smart what you eat and drink. These mentioned tips would be beneficial for you. While browsing for beard growing tips, I got to know that along with beard supplements like this https://www.beardilizer.com/product/beardilizer-beard-vitamins-dietary-supplement/, proper sleep & yoga is also needed for fuller and healthy beard.

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  • Profile gravatar of 1497082223
    Author:  1497082223




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